Organized by canon or subtext and alphabetical order. See end for notes. LAST UPDATE: 1/4/2014
~This, means I have personally watched and highly recommend the movie, and that is all. If you want a more specific recommendation you can always hit me up


A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story (Transgender Main Character, Based on a true story, Trials, Drama, 2006)
~A Single Man (M/M, Homosexuality in the Sixties, Depression, Drama, 2009)
All About My Mother/Todo Sobre Mi Madre (Transgender Supporting Character, Drag, Prostitution, Aids, Death of a Child, Comedy-Drama, 1999, Spanish, Catalan, English)
All Over The Guy (M/M, Dysfunctional People, Rom-Com, 2001)
Angels in America (Miniseries, M/M, Aids in the Regan era, 2003)
Another Country (M/M, Boarding School, Romantic Historical Drama, 1984)
Any Day Now (M/M, 70’s, Drag, Down Syndrome, Custody Battles, Drama, 2012)
Beautiful Thing (M/M, Teenage Love, Romance, 1996)
Before Night Falls (M/M, Based on a true story, Homosexuality in Cuba, AIDS, 2000)
Bent (M/M, Holocaust persecution of homosexuals, 1997)
Big Eden (M/M, Romantic Comedy-Drama, 2000)
Boys Don’t Cry (Transgender Main Character, Based on a True Story, Romantic-Drama, 1999)
Breakfast on Pluto (Transgender Main Character, Prostitution, Comedy-Drama, 2005)
Breakfast With Scot (M/M, Queer Children, Closeted, Hockey, Family Dynamics, Comedy, 2007)
Broderskab (M/M, Neo-Nazis, Romantic Drama, 2009, Danish)
Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (Gay Main Character (person?), Racism, Homophobia, Civil Rights Movement, Documentry, 2003)
The Bubble/Ha-Buah (M/M, Israel/Palestine relationships , Romantic Drama, 2006, Hebrew/Arabic) 
~But I’m a Cheerleader (W/W, M/M, Teenage Love, Conversion Therapy, Romantic Comedy, 1999)
Cabaret (M/M, Bisexual Main Character, 1930’s Berlin, Musical Drama, 1972)
The Celluloid Closet (LGBTQ issues, Gay issues in Hollywood films precode and up, documentary, 1995)
~The Children’s Hour (Unrequited Female Love, Private School, Gossip, Drama, 1961)
Chutney Popcorn (W/W, Indian/American Relations, Family Dynamics, Surrogate Pregnancy, Comedy-Drama, 1999)
Cracks (W/W, Boarding School, Bullying, Molestation, Drama, 2009)
~The Crying Game (Transgender Main Character, Romantic Drama, 1992)
Desert Hearts (W/W, Divorce, Opposites Attract, Coming Out, Nevada, Romance, 1985)
Different For Girls (Transgender Main Character, Childhood Friends, Romance, Drama, 1996)
~Dog Day Afternoon (Minor Transgender Supporting Character, Queer Main Character, Bank Robbery, Crime Drama, 1975)
Drôle de Félix/The Adventures of Felix (M/M, POC Main Character, HIV, Racism, Comedy-Drama, 2000, French)
~Eastern Promises (Unrequited Male Love, Thriller Crime, 2007)
El Niño Pez /The Fish Child (W/W, Abuse, Upper Class/Lower Class Dynamics, Pregnancy, Drama, 2009)
Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho/I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone (Short Film, M/M, Blindness, Teenage Crush, Romance, 2012, Brazilian Portuguese)
El Sexo de los Ángeles/Sex of Angels (M/M, Bisexual Main Charater, Threesome, Poly, Love Triangle, Romantic Drama, 2012, Spanish)
Eyes Wide Open (M/M, Romantic Drama, 2009, Hebrew)
Frank’s Cock (M/M, Short Film, Drama, Highly Sexual (?), 1993)
~Fingersmith (W/W, Maids and Ladies, Romantic Historical-Drama, 2005)
~Fire/Bhāyar (W/W, Unhappy Marriages, India, Drama, 1996, Hindi)
Foxy Brown (Queer Minor Supporting Characters/Scenes, Prostitution, Revenge, Sexual Assault, Racism, Gang Lords, Blaxploitation, 1974)
Fucking Amal/Show Me Love (W/W, Coming Of Age, Teen Romance, Romantic Comedy-Drama, 1998, Swedish)
~The Full Monty (Gay Supporting Character, M/M, Thatcher Era Issues, Father/Son Dynamics, Male Stripping, 1997)
Get Real (M/M, Coming out story, Drama, 1998)
Gouttes d’Eau Sur Pierres Brulantes/Water Drops On Burning Rocks (M/M, Trans, Highly Sexual, BDSM, Drama, 2000, French)
Room in Rome (W/W, Highly Sexual, Romance, 2010)
Heavenly Creatures (W/W, Teenagers, Murder, Obsession, Drama, 1994)
The Hours (W/W, M/M, Virginia Woolf, Drama, 2002)
I Can’t Think Straight (W/W, Culture Clash, Middle Eastern Society, Wedding Engagement, Romantic Drama, 2008)
~If These Walls Could Talk 2 (W/W, Homosexuality through the ages, Romance, 2000)
~Imagine Me & You (W/W, Marriage, Romantic-Comedy)
~The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (W/W, Teenage Love, Romance, 1995)
Keep Not Silent: Orthodykes (Lesbian Main Character, Orthodox Judaism, Israel, Gay Pride, Documentary, 2004, Hebrew)
~Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Gay Main Character, Buddy Cops, Crime-Comedy, 2005)
~Kiss of the Spider Woman (M/M, Prison Roommates, Drama, 1985, Brazilian Portuguese)
L’Homme De Sa Vie/The Man of My Life (M/M, Romance, 2006, French)
~La Cage Aux Folles (M/M, Drag, Comedy, 1978, French) (This is the basis for The Birdcage, 1996)
La Mala Educación/Bad Education (M/M, Transgender Main Character, Drag, Sexual Abuse, Catholic Boarding School, Drugs, Drama, 2004, Spanish)
La Virgen De Los Sicarios/Our Lady of Assassination (M/M, Drug Cartel, Assassination, Drama, 2000, Spanish)
Laurence Anyways (W/W, Transgender Main Character, Transitioning, Romantic-Drama, 2012)
Little Ashes (M/M, Romantic Historical Drama, 2008)
Little Miss Sunshine (Gay Supporting Character, Family Dynamics, Roadtrip, Drama-Comedy, 2006)
~Mädchen in Uniform (Unrequited Female Love, Boarding School, Drama, 1931, German) (Remake Of The Same Name, 1958)
Männer Wie Wir/Guys and Balls (M/M, Sports Comedy, 2004, German)
Maurice (M/M, Romantic Historical Drama, 1987)
Milk (M/M, Gay Activism, Based On a True Story, Drama, 2008)
Monster (W/W, Serial Killer, Prostitution, Crime-Drama, 2003)
Mulholland Drive (Gay Supporting Character, It’s David Lynch what do you want from me, Neo-Noir, Psychological Thriller, 2001)
My Beautiful Laundrette (M/M, Thatcher Era, Romance, Comedy-Drama, 1985)
My Own Private Idaho (M/M, Street Hustlers, Roadtrip?, Drama, 1991)
Mysterious Skin (M/M, Street Hustlers, Pedophilia, Drama, 2004)
No Skin Off My Ass (M/M, Skinheads, Romantic Comedy-Drama, 1993)
Nous Etions Un Seul Homme/We Were One Man (M/M, WWII, Romantic Historical Drama, 1979, French)
ParaNorman (First Openly Gay Character in a Kid’s Movie, Animation, Comedy Horror, 2012)
Pariah (W/W, Gay Main Character, Family Dynamics, Coming of Age, Drama, 2011)
Paris is Burning (Gay Men, Transgender Women, Drag, Ball Culture, Documentary, 1990)
Parting Glances (M/M, Aids Epidemic, Regan Era, Comedy-Drama, 1986)
Plan B (M/M, Romance, 2009, Spanish)
~Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Transgender Supporting Character, Drag, Road trip across the Outback, Comedy-Drama, 1994)
Querelle (M/M, Sailors, Highly Sexual, 1982, West Germany/French
Quinceañera (Gay Supporting Character, Coming of Age, Culture Clash, 2006, Spanglish)
Rent (M/M, W/W, General Queerness Abound, Drag, Drugs, Aids, Bohemian Lifestyle, Musical Drama, 2005)
~The Rocky Horror Picture Show (M/M, Drag, General Queerness Abound, Musical Horror Comedy, 1975)
Romeos (M/M, Transgender Main Character, Romance, Drama-Comedy, 2011, German)
Small Town Gay Bar (General Queerness Abound, Drag, Rural Communities, Bible Belt, Documentry, 2006)
~Some Like It Hot (General Queerness Abound, Drag, Romantic Screwball Comedy, 1959)
Sex in Chains/Geschlecht in Fesseln (Silent Film, Queer Main Character, Drama, 1928, German)
She Hate Me (W/W, W/W/M, Bisexual Supporting Character, Poly Relationship, Sperm Donation, Mafia, Comedy-Drama, 2004)
Shortbus (M/M, W/W, Drag, BDSM, Highly Sexual, 2006)
Summer of Sam (Queer Supporting Character, Serial Killing, Prostitution, Summer of 1977, Crime-Drama, 1999)
Summer Storm (M/M, Coming of Age, Romance, 2004, German)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (Bisexuality, Poly, Love Triangle, Drama, 1971)
Swoon (M/M, 1924 Leopold and Loeb murder case, Drama, 1992)
~Tipping The Velvet (W/W, TV Miniseries, Drag, Romantic Historical-Drama, Acting, Prostitution, 2002)
~To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar (Gay Main Characters, Drag, Feminism, Domestic Abuse, Non Graphic Attempted Rape, Comedy, 1995)
Tomboy (Queer Main Character, Transgender (?), Summer Vacation, Drama, 2011, French)
~Torch Song Trilogy (M/M, Drag, Comedy-Drama, 1988)
~Trailer Park Boys: The Big Dirty & Countdown to Liquor Day (Queer Supporting Characters, Drugs, Crime, Based On A TV Show, Raunchy Comedy, 2006, 2009)
Twenty Something Taipei (Supporting Lesbian Characters, W/W, Clubbing, Taiwan, Drama, 2002, Hong Kong, Taiwan/Chinese)
Twist (M/M, Unrequited Love, Male Hustlers, Modern Day Oliver Twist, Drama, 2003)
Un Amour à Taire/A Love To Hide (M/M, Holocaust, Drama, 2005, French) 
Un Chant D’Amour/A Song of Love (Silent Film, Short film, M/M, Highly Sexual, 1950)
Undertow/Contracorriente (M/M, Ghosts, Death Rites, Peru, Affair, 2009, Spanish)
The Vampire Lovers (W/W, Vampires, Gothic Horror, 1970)
Velvet Goldmine (Bisexual Main Character, Glam-Rock, Drama, 1998)
Victim (M/M, Bisexual Main Character, Blackmail, Drama, 1961)
Victor/Victoria (Gay Main Character, General Queerness Abound, Drag, Musical Comedy, 1982)
War Widow (W/W, Period Piece, WWI, Affair, Romance, 1976)
Weekend (M/M, Coming Out, Recreational Drug Use, Romance, 2011)
Wet Hot American Summer (Gay Supporting Character, Jewish
Walk On Water (Gay Main Character, Mossad, Nazis, Drama, 2004, Hebrew/German)
White Frog (Gay Supporting Characters, Aspergers, Mourning, Growing Up, Comedy Drama, 2012)
Wilby Wonderful (Gay Supporting Characters, Suicide, Modernization, Comedy-Drama, 2004)
Summer Camp (Comedy, 2001)
XXY (Queer Main Character, Genderfluid, Coming of Age, Gender Identity, Romantic Drama, 2007, Spanish)
~Y Tu Mamá También (Bisexual Main Characters, Poly Relationship, High Sexual, Roadtrip, Drama, 2001) 
Yossi (M/M, Sequel to Yossi & Jagger, Depression, Drama, 2012, Hebrew) Yossi & Jagger (M/M, Israeli soldiers, Romantic Drama, 2002, Hebrew)


Bell, Book and Candle (Lesbian subtext in that it replaces queer-subculture of Greenwich Village with witches and warlocks, Romantic-Comedy, 1958)
The Browning Version (Gay Subtext, Teaching, Drama, 1951)
~Cat On The Hot Tin Roof (Gay Subtext, Alcoholism, Family Dynamics, Drama, 1958)
~The Color Purple (Lesbian Subtext, Canon in the source, Black women in the early 1900s, Abuse, Rape, 1985)
Fried Green Tomatoes (Lesbian subtext, Canon in the book, Friendship, Old people reminiscing, Comedy-Drama, 1991)
Fright Night (Gay Subtext, Vampires, Horror, 1985)
Hard Core Logo (Gay Subtext, Punk Rock, Band Dynamics, Mockumentry, 1996)
~The Haunting (Lesbian Subtext, Haunted House, Psychological Horror, 1963) 
Les Diaboliques/The Devils (Lesbian Subtext, Abusive Spouse, Horror Murder Mystery, 1955, French)
Miller’s Crossing (Gay Subtext, Gangsters, Crime-Drama, 1990)
~Nightmare on Elm Street 2 (Heavily HEAVILY implied Queer Main Character, Horror, 1985, English)
~Re-Animator (Gay Subtext, Science Gone Wroooooong, Scifi-Horror, 1985) 
~Rebel Without a Cause (Heavily HEAVILY implied Gay subtext, Implied Gay Supporting Character, Implied Bisexuality, Teenage Rebellion, Drama, 1955) 
~Reservoir Dogs (Gay Subtext, Crime Gone Wrooooooong, Crime-Drama, 1992) 
The Road To El Dorado (Gay Subtext, “Platonic” Life Partners, It’s About El Dorado Obviously, Animation, Comedy, 2000) 
Rope (Heavily Implied Gay Relationship, Crime Thriller, 1948)
The Servant (Gay Subtext, Master/Servant Relationship, Upper Class/Lower Class Dynamics, Psychological Drama, 1963)
~Tango & Cash (Macho Buddy-Cops, It’s Just Really Gay Okay, Drag, Action-Comedy, 1989) 
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (Buddy Criminals, Drag, “Platonic” Life Partners, Action, Crime, 1974.)
Top Gun (Gay Subtext, Macho Buddy-Pilots, 1986)
Une Affaire De Goût (Gay Subtext, Master/Servant Dynamics, Crime Thriller, 2000, French)

 Most of these links are torrents because honestly they’re just more stable than linking to YouTube or Putlocker. If you don’t know how to use a torrent here is a handy guide, but I recommend that you have at least a passing knowledge with computers, or a friend who does.
I’ll try to find English subs to movies that aren’t in English, but that might not always be an option. If you see a broken link or you personally know  a better version shoot me a message! I haven’t tried all the torrents so I recommend caution, but I haven’t personally had any problems with Pirate Bay so far. 

This list is subject to change. Just because something isn’t marked Highly Sexual doesn’t mean it isn’t necessarily G-rated, I was just making the especially sexual ones. If you think something is marked incorrectly just let me know, I haven’t seen a lot of these movies and had to research them myself.
I made this because I was tired of looking up gay movies and seeing the same 5 movies that came out in the last ten years, a bunch of very poorly made movies, and then movies that have nothing to do with anything. I’m not saying mine is better, but I’ll try to add to it as I can. If your favorite movie isn’t on here please let me know. Enjoy!

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