I wasn’t really a “doll” person when I was little, I didn’t care about babies and shit like that. BUT my maternal grandma always got me American Girl dolls, which were amazing, and the absolute best one was Addy.

Addy was my introduction to slavery I’m pretty sure. My grandma would read me the book that came with it, and holy shit it’s pretty brutal for a little kid. I became pretty obsessed with slavery after that and I would read any and all books I could lay my hands on.

Apparently Addy has been criticized for starting off as a slave, but for me I think it was a good way to be introduced to such a touchy subject. I can’t imagine learning about it in school would have been much better. Especially considering they really didn’t go into much detail at all, which is tragic.

Also seriously look at those pictures (click to see a description of each).

Addy remembers when Sam ran off and was caught—it was just before Esther was born. After his capture he was tied to a tree and whipped until he bled. Addy cried while her parents did not; they stood there blankly. She later accused them of not caring about him, and Poppa explained to her that they didn’t cry on the outside, but inside, as they are not free to show feelings. He then explains that on the inside, a person is always free.

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