Hutch fixing the blanket. I just really love moments like this between them. This scene is only a few seconds long, it doesn’t even really need to exist. There’s no dialogue, Starsky is basically unconscious, but we get to see that Hutch is there looking after him anyway.

The Theme From Starsky And Hutch (Funky People Mix)
The James Taylor Quartet


Big guns.  Even bigger cardigans.

The James Taylor Quartet -  The Theme From Starsky & Hutch (Funky People Mix) (1988)

1976, the American media one where punk never happened and “Now” was another nuclear-family friendly LA cop show…

I’m seriously more upset about this than the lack of internet I WANT TO EAT THOSE CURRIES

We have grilled veg and indian curries at home and I’m stuck eating a 2 year old freezer burned chili thing whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

There’s so much good food in my fridge that it makes going to the barren wasteland of my grandparents even worse.


'I was going to be a stand-up comedian.'
Planet Terror (2007)


'I was going to be a stand-up comedian.'

Planet Terror (2007)

i wonder why that kind of funeral doesnt happen more? like you’d think people would prefer a boisterous send-off than a solemn one, i dunno

I’m guessing that most funerals are for old people who are more attached to the idea of a “dignified” ceremony? And if you happen to die young, chances are it’s unexpected and your parents plan your funeral (ie dignified)?

I’m telling everyone right now, if my funeral is like that I will haunt you all.

If there is at least one unplanned pregnancy attributed to my funeral party it will a success.

The problem is everyone I know is gay so it would also be a goddamn miracle.

When I die I want my family to rent out a bar and have everyone fucking party and scream shit about me at the top of their lungs

I’m not even a big party person I just think that anything is better than having people stand around in black looking really awkward.

I am literally the most awkward funeral goer ever oh my god I just can’t do it, it’s beyond me.

My great grandmother died and everyone is coming in for her funeral so I have to be there too.

that’ll be a thing that happens