"Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.”

-Douglas Adams

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OMG IASIP jeager pilots would be the worst. Just thinking about it is bringing tears to my eyes.



It would take under a minute for everyone in power to realise what a horrible mistake this was and that they’d be better off just letting the kaiju do their worst, but many hours to actually bring in the karate-chopping out-of-control Macdennis jaegar.

Dee/Dennis and Charlie/Mac would drift halfway decently but then they start fighting and Mac keeps trying to make the Jaeger backflip

anyone else who tries to drift with Dennis develops PTSD without actually seeing combat and no one is sure why

Frank and Artemis suddenly come out of nowhere and hump the monsters to death


hating white people won’t end mild salsa

no thundercunt5000 url, no interest in chinese food, what’s the point anymore


We have so much Chinese food in the house but because my mom always gets the same thing for the both of us and then expects me to eat hers, just the idea of Chinese food makes me feel sick.


hiei on screen by himself: broad shoulders & totally ripped

hiei on screen next to any other character: 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide, physically indistinguishable from an angry polly pocket





Pacific Rim is a Visual Effects phenomenon in every detail of its being. The film’s effects were produced by Industrial Light and Magic, a studio that stands as a pinnacle of digital arts. This video shows the making of the Hong Kong battle sequence, which was pretty much done almost entirely digitally. This battle sequence looks so realistic, the ability of the ILM crew is beyond comparison. There aren’t many inside looks into the work of ILM, so it’s incredibly fortunate that they released this to the public. Watch and be amazed!

Hell, they made such a great realistic work on that movie, it was a worth movie to watch.

"It was so hard, we did it last"

That’s the spirit.

why wasn’t this movie nominated for an oscar for its visual effects again?

and are we going to talk about the fact one of the dude’s last name is jaeger?


If it were up to Shep, she and Garrus would adopt every Varren in the galaxy


If it were up to Shep, she and Garrus would adopt every Varren in the galaxy

plz sleep with me julian plz plz plz


this is either the best or worst thing i’ve ever drawn i can’t decide. thanks 2 donna for the ‘garrus and thane as buddy (mall) cops’ prompt